Types Of Camping

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Camping consists of many different adventures, including long trips across the wilderness with barely a backpack, to luxury tree houses on a cliff. People have many different ideas when it comes to camping. Whether it is only an overnight stay immersed in nature or a weekend trip, the type of camping you choose depends on your personal choices.

Camping is great for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get away from the chaos of the city towards a more peaceful and serene environment. Camping trips also make for great bonding experiences for families and give people a chance to interact with nature in a unique way.

Let’s find out the most popular types of Camping one must try.


Glamping simply means Glamorous Camping which gives you the peaceful camp stay but with all the luxurious essentials and facilities like hotel.

A niche combination of Nature meets with a luxury stay and also best experience for people who needs leisure vacation.

Back Packing

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Backpacking Camping means carrying all camping essentials or necessities in a backpack and hiking to reach the tent point. This trip is adventurous and needs more hiking and locating tent.

It is suitable to the people who loves to spend more time with Nature not just by relaxing but by exploring adventourly on their own. 

Tent Camping

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Tents are the initial and prime essential for Camping. To enjoy all the nature and Star Gazing from small window is done beautifully in tents. 

Tent camping is one of the most common and basic kinds of camping. All you need to do is head off into the countryside and pitch a tent. You can sleep there for one or more nights, as you prefer. You can stay on campsites or venture into the wilderness or beaches.


Survivalist Camping

Survivalist camping is the most extreme form of camping that only experienced and advanced campers should attempt to partake in. The philosophy of this sort of camping is to be self-sufficient for a certain period of time and return alive.

Campers need really great survival and camping skills to do this sort of camping. Some attend courses on how to survive before attempting it for real. You will need to learn how to hunt for food in the wild, find water, make shelters, and do emergency medical treatments. Advanced campers do such camping to put their skills to the test and know that there is a level of danger with this sort of camping.

Camper Van

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Camping in recreation vehicles (RVs) is also a pretty popular trend. It allows campers to enjoy exciting outdoor destinations and the scenic beauty of nature. RVs are now equipped with almost everything you may need, including entertainment and bedding. They are built with kitchenettes and working toilets, so it is easier for campers to focus on exploring the wilderness instead of surviving.

All you have to do is choose a good camping site in national parks, forests, meadows, farms, beaches or any other place you prefer. It will allow you to go camping to even far off areas with no issue.

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