Fort Camping In Maharashtra

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When the bustling life of the city gets exhausting all you need to do is go camping in Maharashtra. Take a break and spend time in an idyllic refuge that is surrounded by lofty mountains, and lakes. Escape to the lush hills of the Sahyadris and experience camping near lakes, oceans, forts and in valleys on this camping in Maharashtra adventure.

Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India. Places near Mumbai and Pune have some of the marvellous spots with dense forests, flowing springs, glinting waterfalls and ancient forts making for the best experience of trekking and camping in Maharashtra.

Let’s find out the most popular Forts in Maharashtra for Camping.

Vasota Fort Camping

A serene location for both trekkers and camp lovers, Vasota trek through jungle concludes by a camping location where you can sit by a campfire surrounded by a landscape of sparkling clear lakes and ridges of mountains making it perfect for spending quality time in the cold evening weather with group of energy filled people and travel buddies, the evening is the beginning of another fun-filled experience.

View the wonderful and mighty Sahyadri mountains surrounded by forest and lakes at the bottom. You can witness the peaceful nature and the extraordinary stream . It will be a sheer pleasure for you to view such scenic beauty. 



Visapur Fort camping


Located far from the urban noise of the city, your campsite stands in the shadows of mountains in the Western Ghats, near the popular Visapur Fort.

Travel to a secluded location, hidden away in the Sahyadri hills near the Visapur Fort, and spend the night in tents at a scenic campsite. Here, check-in to your alpine tents and leave your troubles behind for a night of fun with your friends. You can relax with mountain views from the campsite, play outdoor games like cricket, football or badminton, click photos of the crimson sunset in the evening. 

Harishchandra Gad Camping


Harischandragad, situated in the Maslej region of the Western Ghats is one of the most famous hill forts in the region. Located in Ahmednagar, the fort is decorated with lush greenery a sheet of clouds. 

Camping in Harishchandragad starts from a initial trek which will give you beautiful views of the lush green valleys covered with a thick grey sheet of clouds. You will come across Saptatirtha Pushkarni Temple and the Kedareshwar Cave where resides a big Shiva Linga, which is completely surrounded by water.

Your base camp will be in Konkankada where you will spend a night under the stars. You will also witness the Temple of Harishchandreshwar which provides a scenic view of the surrounding region and the setting sun. Taramati peak is the topmost point on the fort which offers great views of the surroundings. 

Sandhan Valley Camping

Sandhan Valley, also known as The Valley of Shadows lies in the heart of Sahyadri Ranges and is a perfect blend of a Canyon and a Valley. This trip offers a unique experience combining adventure activities such as Rappelling, rock climbing, and overnight staying amidst nature.

Another specialty of Sandhan Valley is its campsite. To reach for camping first, you have to rappel down one patch of 45 feet and the other patch you will descend with the help of ropes. When you climbed down the second patch, there is a flat surface suitable for camping.  

During monsoon season this area receives heavy rainfall which makes it lush green and heavenly place. The reverse waterfall Sandhan Valley is one of the wonders you can experience during the monsoon season.    

rajmachi Camping


Rajmachi Fort has two stronghold forts, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Visible from Mumbai Pune Expressway on the right-hand side of Borghat. It is a famous spot for trekking. Rajmachi Fort is a 16 km trekking distance from Lonavala there are many routes to reach Rajmachi Fort.

Camping in Rajmachi is a majestic experience surrounded by huge waterfalls during monsoon you can view the beautiful Kataldhar waterfall from Shrivardhan Fort. Rajmachi Fort has many caves used by trekkers and campers for night halt. Pre-monsoon the forest around the forts is glowing with Fireflies at night. 

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