Camping Essentials to carry

camp essentials

Camping is an outdoor leisure activity to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. What makes camping unique is that it involves an overnight night stay or more in a tent. Staying in a tent to look at the beautiful sky decked with twinkling stars and enjoying the fresh air makes camping one of the most enjoyable activities. It is, indeed, a stress buster and a much recommended break from the tension and stress filled routine life. Camping is more fun with the kids and a perfect outdoor activity to plan for a vacation.

Camping needs a lot of equipment to be carried to ensure safety and security. If you are an adventure freak and a regular camper, it is better to invest in quality camping gear which can last long and ensure more durability. There’s always something that gets forgotten when packing for a camping trip. Having a well thought out camping checklist can help you to prevent this from happening. 

Here are our recommendations of camping essentials to take on any trip.

Camping tent

Tent is a must to carry for the Camping activity. There are varieties of tents with vivid shapes and sizes. Most common types are the three season tents which are good for winters and the four season tents which are made of a better quality fabric. Always choose a camping tent with a larger space than the total number of camping people so as to assure there is enough space for the luggage as well

Perfect for a weekend getaway, extended camping trips, scout troops and summer camp. The dome design is easy to set up and allows an incredible ventilation with large windows and ground vent that helps the circulation in and out of the tent.

  • Style – Tent
  • Components – Tent Poles, Tents pegs, Inner tent, Outer sheet,floor mat,carry bag,manual

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Flash Lights

Flash lights or lanterns are a saviour in the pitch dark nights. Flash lights will definitely be a help and will not stop you from planning the fun activities. To reach for an important essential in your backpack either of these accessories would help.

  • Colour  – Ultra Bright Flash Light
  • Long Distance Beam Range. Water resistant.

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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are a must have in your camping gear kit. Better to choose the lightweight sleeping bags if you are carrying a backpack. Sleeping bags come in different sizes and budget. Buy the sleeping bag based on the camping place and the dipping night temperature. A sleeping pad or an air filled pad can act as an insulator. 

  • Light weight and Comfortable 

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Water Bottle

Hydrating yourself is always healthy for Life, water is not just essential for traveling it is essential to survive. Hence carrying a water bottle during camping or any traveling activity is must.

Carrying a water bottle keeps you hydrate and energetic to enjoy your trip. The size of the bottle depends on how much of water you consume In a day (recommend 1 littre) or it can be more or less. 

  • Stainless Steel Bottle with Sipper Cap.

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Good pair of shoes

We always tend to buy new pair of shoes for different occasions which not only suits the attire but becomes more and more comfortable to wear.

For specific vacations like hiking, camping or any other adventurous activities,
We surely need a strong sport shoes or Hiking shows which has solid features then other shoes. It is strong in grip and the sole is not slippery also such shoes can be found on any Online websites or nearby stores.

  • Thick sole with Anti-skid, Slip resistant and Wear-resistant properties

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